Pasture Land Forage


X-Seed PASTURE LAND Forage Mixtures offer premium quality grass hay that provide additional nutrition for horses, cattel, sheep, and other livestock while improving soil fertility and erosion control.  Equine, Over-Seeder, and Dry Land now are formulated with MICRO-BOOST nutrients, a specialized nutrient delivery system that is safely applied to each seed, creating a "pH freindly zone" around the seed.  This ensures that nutrients are available very ealry - when the plants need it the most.  MICRO-BOOST enhances early plant growth, delivers faster, more even emergence, longer, more developed roots, larger seedlings, and can withstand periods of stress

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Cattle Pasture Land
45% Forage tall fescue
15% Tetraploid annual rye
22% Intermediate ryegrass
12% Alfalfa
3% Medium red clover
3% Timothy
Equine Pasture Land
33% Tetraploid annual rye
20% Bromegrass
20% Intermediate ryegrass
6% Forage Kentucky Blue
20% Timothy
1% White Clover
Pasture Over-Seeder
28% Intermediate rye
20% Orchardgrass
2% Alsike clover
1% Medium red clover
49% Annual rye
Dryland Pasture Mix
20% Slender wheatgrass
20% Intermediate wheat
50% Smooth brome
10% Tall fescue
Formulated for cool
climates, does not
cause bloat, and is
an excellent source
of fiber. Provides
premium quality
grass hay for cows
and horses.
Provides excellent
feed for idle horses,
breeding stock, or
horses used recreationally.
Drought tolerant
Bromegrass is
sod forming and ideal
for permanent
Rejuvenates old
fields or can be
used as short rotation
Grows in compact
soils, germinates
quickly, and
provides large
palatable foliage.
Grass pastures provide
more total nutrition for
sheep, cattle, and
horses than any other
feed. In climates with
low precipitation or
lack of irrigation, ordinary
forage mixtures
wilt or go dormant.
Combination of
drought tolerant grasses
formulated to continue
growth in summer




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